Meet the Japoodah Family - Mum, dad, and eight kiddies!

Once upon a time, there was a little boy nicknamed Japoodah...

Child number seven, affectionately called Japoodah by his sister, was twelve months old and learning to self feed.  He was having a ball making lots of mess at mealtime and his mum was 44, pregnant, and exhausted.

She couldn't bear another mealtime mess clean up so she decided to do something about it. Out came some old cloth nappies and her little seamstresses (aka daughters) helped sew together her ideas until one day she struck gold! She had found the solution.  

Mealtime went from dread to easy-peasy!  Japoodah ate pasta, rice, crumbly cakes and muffins and his mum did not freak out about the mess. She no longer cared about him exploring and learning about the texture of his food with his fingers. She was not only more relaxed about it, she actually enjoyed watching him.

​But, toddlers are never easy.  Her clever little boy soon discovered that the sleeves of his jumper were a great place to wipe his grotty little face as he was eating.  Back to the drawing board and the sewing machine! Soon his mum figured out how to make attachable sleeves. She had finally solved the messy mealtime problem and they all lived happily ever after! 😉