Instructions for the Original Weaning Coverall BIb

Instructions for the Mini Weaning Coverall BIb

  • You can cover the tray by hanging bib loosely over it

  • Or fasten the snaps on the sides and bottom of the bib

  • This will keep bib securely in place if needed.

  • Bib will not be able to be pulled off the tray

  • Fasten around the back of the neck and back of highchair

  • To secure bib around the side of the tray attach straps to side of bib

  • Fold under the extra fabric.

  • Tie straps together. You can undo and reconnect using the snap.

  • Ready to eat!

    Great for when you're using suction cap bowls.

  • Ready to Eat!

    Complete coverage with the ultimate mess-catcher!

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  • Fasten around the back of the neck

  • Fasten behind the highchair

  • Attach straps to side of the bib

  • Tie straps. You can undo & reconnect via snaps on side.

  • Ready to eat!

    Perfect when using suction cap bowls.

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  • Slide the sleeve over your child's arm

  • Attach the sleeve snap to the snap at the top of the bib

  • Long sleeved clothes are protected! You can keep the sleeves attached for next time.

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  • Our weaning bibs convert into waterproof aprons!

  • Attach the straps to the snaps on the top of the bib

  • Big enough to fit around baby bellies

  • Great for children. The Original bib for big kids.....

  • ...and the Mini bib is perfect for toddlers

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  • Hang the weaning bibs on a hook (perhaps on the back of the pantry door). It's quick, easy and allows the bib to dry.

  • You can use our weaning bibs on prams to keep your child and pram clean while you're out.

  • After your first use, keep the side straps tied together. Undo and reconnect using the snap.

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