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    Great quality and by far the best design that I've seen. Glad I purchased 2, 1 for home and another for on the go.

    Keryl F

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    I just wanted to say we love your product so much. We use it 3 times every day! Best baby product I have ever bought!


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    This is a very clever product that saves me a lot of time as there are no outfit changes required and no major cleaning to be done after mealtime. I love it!


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About Us

Japoodah Weaning Bibs were designed and created by Lyndell. Pregnant with bub number 8, she was too tired to deal with the mealtime mess her toddler was making. So,she grabbed some old cloth nappies and fiddled around until she came up with something that solved the problem. She went onto enjoy watching her toddler explore and make lots of mess with his food, knowing she didn't have to worry about the clean up. Now, parents all over Australia are enjoying the same experience.