Collection: Original Weaning Bibs

Save hours of cleaning time every week!  

Our Original Weaning Bib covers the entire tray, but can also strap around the side of the tray. Keeps bub spotlessly clean and dry, plus protects the highchair and floor from messy spills.  

* Soft, waterproof fabric

* Comfortable sleeveless design for hot climates

* Attachable sleeves (sold separately)

* Can strap around the side of the tray to leave tray exposed

* Can cover the entire tray by strapping it around the front

* Easy wipe clean and machine washable  

  • Slide the sleeve over your child's arm

  • Attach the sleeve snap to the snap at the top of the bib

  • Long sleeved clothes are protected! You can keep the sleeves attached for next time.

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