Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the weaning bib fit all highchairs?

Our bibs are designed to fit a huge range of highchairs, including those with large trays. You can also use them on highchairs with no tray.

What fabric is the weaning bib made from and what are the fabric care requirements?

Our weaning bibs are made from a soft, completely waterproof fabric called PUL. It is a polyester fabric coated with TPU, which gives it a waterproof backing.

The weaning bibs are easy to wipe clean. They are also machine washable and quick drying.

The waterproof backing can be damaged with extreme heat and soaking agents like bleach. In order to maintain its waterproof quality make sure the water temperature is below 60 degrees celsius when you machine wash it and do not put them in the dryer. Also, do not soak them in bleaching agents.

How do I convert the weaning bib into an apron?

Every weaning bib has the function to convert into an apron. For photos with instructions go to our How It Works page.

Your bib comes with two straps that are used to fasten the bib around the highchair tray. Simply fasten these straps to the snaps on the top of the bib. Tie straps up around the back of the neck and tie the side straps of the bib around the torso.

What's the easiest way to store the weaning bibs?

Our advice is to hang the weaning bibs on a hook (perhaps on the back of the pantry door). Often you can reuse the weaning bib after a meal by simply wiping it down with a wet cloth. Hanging it on a hook is quick, easy, and allows the bib to dry.

Do you have detailed instructions on how to use the weaning bibs?

Yes, we do. On our page "How It Works" you'll find step by step instructions with pictures to show you how to use the Original Weaning Bib, the Mini Weaning Bib, how to attach the sleeves, how to convert it into an apron, and tips.

What are the measurements of the Japoodah Weaning Bibs?

The Original Weaning Bib is 68cm wide X 98cm long

The Mini Weaning Bib is 70cm wide X 65cm long

Can you use the Japoodah Weaning Bib on prams?

Yes, you can.

I'd like to be a distributor. What do I do?

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